Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ego and honor

A wise man once said:
Ego says "Whatever I do is right."
Honor says "Whatever is right, I will do."

Been thinking about honor lately, especially after watching The Kite Runner.
I highly recommend it.

I am frustrated with people who proclaim things as truth, who do not have enough experience or knowledge to be able to legitimately make such claims. Who go only by their own limited viewpoint, refusing to do any research or to evaluate any other information besides that which they have already decided to believe.

Who basically make shit up, and then preach it as gospel.

Truth requires the ability to see OUTSIDE your limited view, to enlarge that view, to take in all available information.

How can you have honor if you make no effort to discern what is right, what is true, but, instead, do whatever you want, whatever is easier or more convenient, and then make up some justification for it?

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