Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hearts of Fire

I met some incredible women this past weekend, and have been trying ever since to figure out how to put into words some of the thoughts, experiences and impressions I had. There is so much that it's difficult to find a single thread of thought to express it all.

Some of these women were at Ground Zero, and that, in itself, would be enough of a story to tell. But truthfully, we didn't discuss that day. We talked mostly of the future, not the past.

Some of these women are ground breakers. The first to do things no woman had ever done. Impressive things. First woman battalion chief in FDNY. First woman to be promoted into an elite rescue company in FDNY. But I only know this because I did some research afterwards. They never mentioned it.

I think that's what affected me most.

They don't talk about doing heroic things.
They DO them.
And they work very hard to encourage young women to find their way, to excel, and to live what is in their hearts of fire.
They specifically want to help MY daughter to follow in their footsteps. The best mentors she could possibly have.

They're simply women.
Extraordinary women, at times.
But ordinary women, too.

Mothers. Sisters. Lovers. Friends.

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GreenJello said...

How awesome that your daughter has mentors like these women! What a lucky girl.