Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Four in Four

My daughter is at Phoenix Firecamp.
She is having a fabulous time. I'm sure she is having experiences she will eventually tell her grandchildren about, making friends she'll keep in touch with for life. Thanks to the Fire Service Women of New York State, she is getting the chance to find out first hand what firefighters do, and how difficult- and rewarding- it can sometimes be.

That's the good part.

Since her arrival at the camp, there have been four firefighter Line of Duty Deaths in the US.

Four in four days.

On July 20th, David Meron, a 58 year old volunteer from Hoosick Falls NY, died from a heart attack.

On July 21st, Ryan Hummert, a 22 year old career firefighter/paramedic, from St Louis, MO, was shot and killed as he exited his apparatus at the scene of a vehicle fire.

On July 22nd, Brian J Munz, a 24 year old volunteer from Fairbury IL was killed during a structure fire when the floor collapsed, trapping him in the basement.

On July 23rd, Frank Wichlacz, a 75 year old volunteer from Pulaski WI, died when he was pinned between two vehicles while fire apparatus was being backed into the bay.

Four in four days.
Ten so far this month.
Sixty-seven so far this year.

IS the scene safe?

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