Saturday, July 19, 2008


I spent the last couple of days volunteering at Grassroots.

Had a great time. Got inspired. A song for you.

Grassroots Festival of Music and Dance
(from the perspective of the EMS tent)

Raindrops on tent tops and bandaids on blisters
Bright colored clothing on brothers and sisters
Brown broken flip flops patched up with tape
These are all part of what makes Grassroots great

"Do you have an aspirin and can I get sunscreen?"
"Can you stop the bleeding and make sure my cut's clean?"
"I cut my finger and stepped on a nail
then sliced my toe on a sharp piece of shale."

"I'm feeling dizzy, oh what was I thinking?"
"I'm starting to sunburn; the toilets are stinking."
It's raining again and the dancers are muddy.
"My bandaids fell off and I can't find my buddy."

When the ants bite
When the bee stings
When the sky starts to clear
I simply put on my bright blue nitrile gloves
and I'll come right back, next year!

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