Sunday, February 13, 2011

EMS Today

I applied for a scholarship to EMS Today, thinking I'd never get it, and never be able to afford to go.
The application info said they would start notifying people on Feb 1st, which came and went, not a word.
I assumed I hadn't gotten it, no surprise, and pretty much stopped thinking about it.
Some of the folks who are going were tweeting about it and posting about it, and knowing I wouldn't be able to go, I passed over those comments, with a feeling of sadness for myself, while being happy for them.

It's not like I have nothing else to do. I'm pretty busy, and have plenty to keep me occupied.
It's not like I can't work on continuing my education in other ways, like the variety of books I've been reading lately.
And it's not like I can't still read EMS blogs, and learn from them.

But still.
EMS Today.
The premiere EMS conference, incredible opportunities all in one place, people I'd love to meet in person, educational sessions galore, and the whole exhibit hall. And it's not that far away.
Worth ever penny, it would be, no question.
I just don't have the pennies. :-(

A couple of days ago, we were getting ready to go out dancing, when I checked my e-mail just before leaving.

And there was an e-mail, with the subject heading "EMS Today scholarship."
I assumed it would begin with something like "Thank you for applying, but with so many qualified applicants, it was difficult to decide who to give a scholarship to. Unfortunately, it wasn't you."

It didn't.

It said "Congratulations! After careful review of your scholarship application for EMS Today, you have been selected to receive a Gold 3-day passport to this year’s conference!"


I think I screamed.

I'm not a screaming person, in general.

Suddenly, I'm scrambling to choose which sessions I want to take (all of them! Aaahhhh!), I'm looking for a hotel room somewhere near the convention center, and I can barely contain my excitement at actually being able to GO!

I'd like to thank JEMS for making the whole event possible, and for making it possible for me to go.
I'd like to thank all the EMS bloggers for inspiring, educating, and entertaining me. I'm very much looking forward to meeting some of you!

I'm sure I'll have a lot more to say once I'm there, and when I'm back home again.

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