Sunday, February 20, 2011

Split Personality?

Feeling like I have a split personality these days.

On the one hand, I'm researching and working on writing my fencing master's thesis. That's a lot of reading. And a lot of writing. Teaching classes, and otherwise focusing and refocusing on the whole fencing thing. Writing for the new blog. Working on my own training. It's good.

On the other hand, I'm excited about going to EMS Today. Enthusiastic about the opportunity to learn some stuff, get some decent training, and network. Making preparations for applying to the local ambulance company, where I've wanted to work since my first ride along. Looking forward to getting more into the whole EMS thing once I get my youngest a little older, so I can work long hours without feeling like I'm being negligent.

Seems like two totally separate things, pulling me in different directions.

But it isn't.
Not really.

There is a lot of overlap.

One big area of overlap is something I've been thinking about a lot lately.
It's more than just "customer service."

Something fencing and EMS have in common in a HUGE way is the necessity to be able to create rapport. To connect with the student/patient in a very personal, immediate way, without distracting from the technical things you must also be able to do.

Knowing how to get my student to focus where I want him/her to focus, and to stay connected with me, is a HUGE help in being able to help my patient focus where he/she needs to focus, whether it's on something like his/her breathing rate, or something- anything- other than what is happening around him/her in a crisis.

Being able to give a technical lesson, and perform the skills I need to perform, while giving constant verbal and non-verbal feedback to my student, is a huge help in being able to treat my patient AND keep communicating.

Knowing how to use my voice to keep my student focused is very much like using my voice to calm my patient.

Maybe my personality isn't as split as I thought.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Prevot Wyatt,
I've greatly enjoyed following your blog and hope you will continue it in future.
Might one inquire, what is the subject of your fencing masters thesis?