Monday, February 28, 2011

Alcohol Related

Had a talk with some of our students this morning.

It went basically like this:

College is an interesting time in your lives.
It's a time to get away from your parents, from your family of origin, and start to make your own way in the world.
It's a time to learn many new things, to make new friends and connections that will last a lifetime.
And it's a time to make mistakes, and do stupid things. Some of which you'll look back on, years from now, and wonder why you did.

Please don't let one of those "stupid things" be drinking yourself TO DEATH.

Two local college students (different colleges, and as far as I know completely unrelated circumstances) died this past weekend.
Official reports say the deaths are "alcohol related."

I don't know what that means, exactly.

Except it means it was a total waste. A tragic loss for the families that was brought on by the choices made by the individuals.

I can't help but notice the frequency of calls for ambulances because of someone drinking him or herself into a stupor.
And every time I hear that, or see that, I always wonder about the families. I wonder if the parents realize that they are paying through the nose for their kid to get an education, and what they are getting is stupid drunk. Not just ordinary drunk. But enough that they need a trip to the ER.

I did a lot of stupid things when I was younger.
I imbibed my fair share, or perhaps a few peoples' fair shares, of alcohol.
But never have I done so in such away as to need emergency medical care, or even close.

Seems to happen all the time now, in some places.

The cause of this stupid behavior- I started to be politically correct, and say "unfortunate," but let's face it, it's stupid- could be argued at length, and I'm sure there are a variety of contributory issues.

I don't really care what the cause is.
I care about the results.
Lives wasted.

So please.
Whoever you are.
Wherever you are.
Don't do this to yourself.
Just don't.

It's an ugly, ugly way to go.

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